Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How Much Authority Can $9.99 Buy?

A few days ago, on the heels of reading a post about the concept of authority in the world of social media--basically how popularity equals authority--I read another post about Facebook NetworkedBlogs. It launched in June of 2008 but this was the first time I'd read about it.

It seemed like a good way to increase blog traffic--after all, there are 175 million users on Facebook, right? Not to mention NetworkedBlogs claims to attract over 450,000 unique users a month. I went to check it out and added my blog.

I then noticed there is a feature where you can buy a "premium listing"--your blog featured in the "Top 50 Blogs" slot--which was sold out--or listed as one of five featured blogs at the top of a category page. $9.99 ($19.95/month after the first month) to have my blog in the spotlight at the top of a page? My curiosity got the best of me and I got out the credit card; now you can find Mizz Information at the top of the Web 2.0 page on NetworkedBlogs.

Bring on my tons of new followers, right?

Apparently buying followers isn't as easy as it sounds. It's three days later and how many do you think I've attracted? Six. And those six are all friends who saw my status update asking people to follow. Oh, and my mom.

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