Friday, July 24, 2009


I was going to try to be crafty and set up a bunch of posts to auto-post while I'm on vacation for a week...then I realized I need to get over myself because blogging is my HOBBY not my JOB and I don't need to stress about it that much. So instead, I'm just going to say I'm taking a blog-cation and I'll see you when I get back.

In case you're thinking of robbing my house while I'm gone (Patrick's mortal fear about me blogging that we're out of town), the neighbors are cat-sitting so you might want to think twice before breaking in. They have three tiny girls, all of whom talk A LOT and at the same time, and you will undoubtedly wish you had stayed home if you choose to try to break in and find yourself faced with these girls. I'm not just saying that, either. Seriously. (Actually, these girls are adorable but I swear they do talk a LOT. They are training for getting their own cat so our litter boxes will be cleaner than they ever have been when we get back.)

If you just miss me so much you can't take it, feel free to go hang out on my other blog...the one I write about stuff other than social media in. But not if the "F" word offends you. Just kidding. Ok, actually, not kidding.

If that's not how you roll and you're all about associations and/or social media, you would do well to check out these blogs:

Ok, I could come up with tons of others but need to get packing so I'll leave it at those--please feel free to chime in in the comment section with other suggestions.

Can you tell I'm not good at vacations?

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