Friday, July 10, 2009

Eff it Off Friday Post

You thought I forgot, didn't you?

Ok, I did...but it's still Friday so here some links for you in lieu of a real post.

  • More data about how Facebook is officially becoming an oldsters club--over a third of users are 35+ and the 55+ age group is the fastest-growing group.

  • Great, thorough notes from yesterday's awesome Buzz2009 Association Social Media conferfence by Lynn Morton.

  • Great example of engagmement on an association Facebook page--ASHA's. This evening I posted a link to a press release on ASHA's website and within an hour 30 people had "liked" it and 16 people had commented. I love it that out members are so passionate about the issues surrounding their professions, and how eager they are to share their thoughts. Would they be hanging around the ASHA website on a Friday night, though? Maybe not...which just proves the addage that associations need to meet their members where they are--even if that means Facebook.

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