Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why I Went With a MacBook Instead of a Netbook

Ok, well, truth be told, the real reason is that the decision was made for me when my husband--henceforth to be known as BEST HUSBAND IN THE UNIVERSE--arrived home last week with a big box for me. Inside? A shiny new MacBook.

We'd been hemming and hawing about this purchase for a long, long time. We have 3 computers in this house, plus his laptop from work. Actually, I guess you can also count my old laptop that's missing a few keys but still works...if you're patient enough to hit those keys just so with the tip of your pinkie nail...preferably an acrylic nail. So we are a household replete with computers--yet none of them work very well. They take forever to start up. They freeze. They get hung up and it takes forever to even close a window. Basically if you just want to run over to a computer, turn it on real quick, and check a movie time...or, say, type up a quick blog post--forget it. Occasionally you're able to operate pretty well, especially if I'm hooked up to my work computer via remote desktop. But let's just say Patrick has had to listen to more than his fair share of me complaining about frozen, slow or just crappy computers.

Last Christmas we were talking about it and he almost got me a netbook. At my birthday in June we talked about it again, and once again he almost got me a netbook. But lucky for me we have a good friend who is a Mac zealot who must have worked his magic on Patrick because all I know is that after a particularly bad day in PC hell in the McGary house last weekend, I am suddenly the ecstatic owner of a Macbook.

I will spare you the rant about how good this Mac is....but rest assured it IS good and if I never had to sit in front of a PC again I'd be one happy gal. My friend Paul just sent me a link to a post that makes me gladder than I already am that I didn't go the netbook route: "Fast Food Apple Pies and Why Netbooks Suck."

Granted, I can't say for sure whether they do actually suck--but I loved that post and I LOVE my Macbook.

Oh, and in the spirit of the FTC's new guidelines about disclosure I'll add that I only WISH I got so much as a glance from Mac for free....both my iPod and my MacBook were fully paid for by us...and worth every penny.

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