Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Recession Isn't What's Wrong With Blogging

I read this post yesterday and feel like I'm living in some kind of parallel universe since them. There are scads of comments but not one person seems to be concerned with the following passage:
"I still remember that in 2008, I got a really incredible contract via my ad service company (I have a company that takes care of selling ads on my blog) with a large pharmaceutical company to write six posts for them to try educating readers on the benefits of their product. The deal was to net me $8,000 for those six articles and the only thing I had to do was to get the copy reviewed by the pharmaceutical company to ensure that I wasn’t using any medical words in the wrong way."

Am I the only one who finds this totally alarming? How can people argue the FTC shouldn't be regulating bloggers when there are pharmaceutical companies out there paying bloggers $8,000 to write about medical products?

Then, I was curious about what kind of disclosing she's doing, so I checked out the disclaimer page on her blog. It includes this statement:
"Do you get paid to talk about the products that are featured on the site? That would be great, but we don’t. We do our research and find the latest and the greatest products dealing with aging well and we share them with you."

I'm confused: I thought the whole point of her post was to complain that it's getting harder to get paid review gigs. Not to point fingers or anything, but wouldn't that then make this statement totally untrue?

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