Monday, November 9, 2009

A Third Sure Thing In Life: Death, Taxes and Facebook Page Admin Rights

Facebook public profiles--they're a good thing, right? Why would your brand NOT create one? All those millions of Facebook users will be able to interact with your brand, your messages will go effortlessly viral via the every-improving News Feed feature...and it's free. Well, unless you want to run a contest on your page....but I digress.

Creating a page is simple...but heaven help you if you ever want to transfer ownership of that page to someone else should you, say, leave that company. At this time there is NO WAY to transfer ownership of a Facebook page. Seriously. So that intern you hire to set up your page on Facebook? Once he or she leaves, go ahead and kiss that page goodbye because there does not exist a way for you to un-associate that person from your brand. Ok, so maybe he or she leaves on good terms and just agrees to ignore the page and let you take over--may you be so lucky. But say that "social media guru" you hired because he or she seemed like such a genius at the time turns out to not be a great hire and you fire him or her...well, all I can say is: yikes.

Do you agree that this sucks and think Facebook should address this issue? Please, please add your voice to the discussion thread on this topic in Facebook. So far there are 240 comments on this thread which was initiated in April and Facebook has yet to respond in any way.

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