Monday, January 11, 2010

Twy Me A River

Chances are, if you're not busy reading articles and blog posts about the Facebook bra meme, you've come across more than one post about Vanity Fair's "America's Tweethearts" article. How it's a big disappointment to the women featured in it because it portrays them as, well, babes wearing nothing but trench coats and heels.

Disappointment how? Because they each got thousands of new followers as a result of the article? Because they got to get dolled up and treated to a professional photo shoot? Because out of the millions of women on Twitter--many of whom are doing awesome stuff--the six of them were somehow picked to be showcased as "twilebrities"?

You know what I say? Vanity Fair, feel free to tart me up and take pictures of me--if you can make me look that good in a photo, you can make me sound as vapid as you want.

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