Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet Another Level of Facebook Sucking: Community Pages

As if there weren't already enough things to dislike about Facebook: the way Pages can't be unlinked from creators, the way it is making billions off your personal information...I'm not even going to continue because it could take all day. You get the point.

At any rate, back to "as if there weren't already enough things to dislike about Facebook"--enter yet another one: Community Pages. Today when you sign in to Facebook you'll get a Facebook-speak message about how your likes, dislikes, etc, are now PAGES. Even the ones that are words that make no sense as Pages--e.g. if you had answered "Depends" in the music category meaning, like, it depends on my there's a Community Page called Depends. Which, by the way, is then auto-populated with every instance of someone using the word "depends" in a status update. Nice. And super useful.

Naturally, the default is that your profile is now publicly tied to each and every Community Page that has been auto-generated with this ridiculous "enhancement." Don't want to link to any of these super-useful Pages? Well, hope you don't mind that your profile page will be blank if you choose to opt-out of this stellar new feature.

Oh, and your employer will thank you, too, if you fill in the "employer" section of your profile because by doing so you create a Community Page for your company! How did I find this out? Well, because I list my employer on my profile:

and just now realized that because of that, this new Community Page has been generated:

I did "help them get started" by sending them the url for our "official site"....which, as you can see, is displayed nowhere on the page.

Am I the only one who feels like they're on a free-fall down a rabbit hole with regard to these new Facebook changes? When will it end?

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