Saturday, July 31, 2010


Woo hoo--it's finally here--blogcation! I could have been crafty and set up a week's worth of posts to post daily, but that didn't seem very vacation-y.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year--if you're so compelled to read a post by me, far be it from me to deny you:
  • Buzz2010 and Charlene Li's Open Leadership. I never got a chance to do my post for the second Buzz2010 this is like a place holder to remind you of the awesomeness of Buzz2010 until I get back and write part 2. Don't forget, too that part 3 is going to ROCK on August 18 with Olivier Blanchard talking Social Media ROI.
  • I think my favorite post of the year was "Forget Traits--4 DSM Diagnoses of Social Media Mavens". I'm telling you, I'm not a psychiatrist but I could definitely play one on TV and I swear I'm onto something with this one.
  • Ok, it's not a post but I've added a little fun for ya on Mizz Information. Can you find it? Here's a hint: look right. See that "EARN MOJO" tab? Click it. I have no idea what actually happens because I only had time to set it up, not read up on what it does/what the point is.
  • If you are just so heartbroken knowing you won't hear from me for a week, you can wander over to Maggie Unlimited, my newly-revamped personal blog and learn a few new things about me. I don't actually ONLY eat, breathe and blog social media; over there I'm a picture-takin', trash-talkin', fool. And speaking of trash talkin', if you want some drama, don't miss the mom blogger reality show post, comments and follow up post. Let's hope that's the only drama for a good long time so enjoy it now while it's fresh.
See you people on the flip side, where I'll be tan and relaxed and probably forget what the term "social media" even means. Uh, yeah.

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