Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Think Your Lurkers Aren't Engaged? Think Again

This week's #assnchat (which, sadly, I missed) was about lurkers--are they valuable, how do you engage them, do you track them, etc. Even though I missed it, I apparently have lurkers on the brain, because when I read this post from Suzemuse, lurkers were the first thing I thought of.

Watch this video, from Suze's post, if you're wonder what I'm talking about--and pay special attention 3 minutes, 24 seconds in. Oh, and you might want to grab a tissue too....

There is so much noise in the world today, and in the social media space we put far too high of a premium on measuring only what we can see happening online: retweets, followers, fans, mentions. Just because someone doesn't retweet your message doesn't mean it didn't have an impact on them, or that they didn't share or pay it forward or be moved to some type of action. Just because we can't include it on our dashboard or spreadsheet doesn't mean it didn't happen or isn't important.

It's ok if your audience is quiet.

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