Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Facebook Promotions About to Get Easier for Nonprofits?

A little over a year ago I was breathing fire over Facebook's new rules for promotions. Ask them permission before running a contest? No more "leave a comment to be entered to win..." hi-jinx? The free ride was over.

Looks like Facebook has re-thought the whole promotions thing, because I just read that they will be revoking the need to get permission first part of the deal. Which could be a good thing for small businesses and nonprofits who may have wanted to jump on the Facebook contest bandwagon but didn't have an account rep to work with.

Taking away a) need for prior approval and b) minimum spend investment definitely lower the financial bar for organizations looking to use Facebook to run a promotion. Granted, you still have to use a third-party developer and the easiest, free ways to do Facebook contests: e.g. posting a photo or a comment on a Page's wall--are still forbidden.

But hey, when is Facebook usually taking away barriers to entry rather than throwing them up? Hardly ever! So I say yay to this upcoming change.

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