Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Simple Request to Brands on Facebook and Twitter

You know the stupidest thing a brand or business can possibly tell  consumers? "Find Us On Facebook." Honestly--have they ever used Facebook? Do they know how shitty Facebook's search functionality is? It's basically the worst search ever...wait, unless you count Twitter, which is truly the worst search ever. So guess what? When brands say "Follow us on Twitter" they're leading customers down an equally futile rabbit hole.

Here's the thing--just the same way you can easily direct people to your website, it's every bit as easy to send them directly to your Facebook Page or Twitter account. All you need is 25 fans on Facebook to claim a custom url. Honestly--hit up 25 friends to like your page before shelling out thousands on print, TV or radio campaigns that include the idiotic directive "Find us on Facebook." Then, if you're running a print campaign, turn the url into a QR code and you're set. People will actually be able to find you on Facebook.

Ditto for Twitter, except you don't even need 25 fans--if it's a radio or TV spot, just say "follow us on Twitter at [your Twitter name]. Seriously, it's that easy. As is the QR code thing for print ads.

You're welcome.

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