Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blogcation 2011

It's that time again....blogcation. As usual, instead of scheduling a week's worth of posts to run while I'm gone (ok, who am I fooling...if I blog once a week these days I'm doing well) here are a few posts from the past six months that you may have missed the first time around:
  • Why I'm Breaking up With Apple. Can't say I've missed it since switching to an HP laptop. However, you'd have to pry my iPad and/or iPhone out of my cold dead hands...so maybe the title should have been "why I'm breaking up with my Macbook."
  • 2010 Movie Recap. In case you're looking for summer rentals. I think I'm up to about 30 movies so far in 2011.
  • Are Mobile Apps a Waste of Time for YOUR Association? Because I took the time to add an image to that post and all.
  • My 20 Truths. Ok, so this post was from 2010...sue me.
  • And a little something from my other, almost abandoned blog--behold the Ghetto Big Mac. I wrote that post in January and I swear I STILL have that song stuck in my head. Be sure to watch the video--but don't blame me when you can't get the song out of your head either. And have to run out to the drive-thru to get a Big Mac.
See you people on the flip side.

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