Friday, July 8, 2011

Want a Google+ Business Page? You Better Already Have a "Real Rich History of Being Active in the Social Sphere"

In case you haven't read enough blog posts about Google+ this week, here are two more you shouldn't miss if you have a business interest in using Google+: Google+ Brand Pages Coming in Two Weeks and Nonprofits Adopt Google+ Social Network Early. What's so great about these two posts? Well, they're important to me because they're totally at odds with each other, for one thing. Should businesses be "hacking" to set up business pages now, if Google admits that they are "actively going through and actively taking profiles down"? Is it worth the time setting up a business presence and establishing circles only to have Google delete the whole thing?

I personally say no. Sure, familiarize yourself with Google+. Submit the Google+ Entity Profile Application so when Google officially starts allowing businesses to set up shop on Google+ you're already in line to get started. But be forewarned: if you've dragged your feet getting your business involved in social media, this is apparently where it could come back to haunt you; the initial business page roll-out will be limited to business with "a real rich history of being active in the social sphere, brands that have strong, loyal audiences and are proactive and engaging and who want to spread it out a little more," according to the AdAge article. This Google+ roll-out says to me that the future of social is about rewarding early-adopters and penalizing those who have thus far resisted getting involved in social media.

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