Wednesday, August 31, 2011

5 Shiny New Things

Here are five cool new things I read about this week (or thereabouts):
  1. Gigwalk--I downloaded this after reading Tom Humbarger's post about it but since it's not yet available in the DC area I can't try it...but it you live in Philly, NYC, Boston, Chicago, South Florida (?), LA, Seattle, or San Francisco, you can make money by doing stuff like taking photos of a place, verifying info about something, or other stuff.
  2. Joint-I tried this for a few minutes and I like the concept--which is, apparently, group Twitter chats...but off Twitter. I will say it is uber confusing to try to figure out how to post and the only instructions they give are one annotated screenshot, but I loathe Twitter chats so much and think this is such a promising idea that I'm willing to play around with it a bit to figure out how it works. When I have time, that is. I also presume it means the chats would be archived--which Twitter chats are not--and, again, presumably, in a less cluster-muggy way than Storify or any of the other Twitter chat archival apps which utterly confuse me.
  3. Skrappy--Like to scrapbook, but not with paper and real photos? Sean Sweeney wrote about this iPad app ($4.99) on ASHAsphere (the blog I manage) and it sounds very cool.
  4. Ok, I didn't just learn about this one but I still love it. Google+ iPhone app's Huddle feature. Private group chat. It's a little crash-y, at least on my phone, but I still like it. And, unlike Beluga, Facebook doesn't own it. Not that Google is much better, but I digress.
  5. Think you can't view Flash on an iPad? Try iSwifter (free) or Skyfire VideoQ ($4.99).

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