Friday, August 5, 2011

See You in St. Louis

For years, ASAE's Annual Meeting was something that former bosses attended to to hobnob with other association big-wigs. Then, once I knew Patrick (aka Mr. Maggie McGary) it was something he attended and I heard about through him. Once I joined ASAE three years ago and started connecting with other members via Twitter, it was something that sounded really fun and watching Patrick go while I followed the Twitter stream sucked.

But suck no more--this year I'm going! I'm probably the only attendee who is more excited about the Expo part than the sessions (I am obsessed with trade show swag), but I have dutifully planned my schedule using the awesome iPad app and will be guest blogging about the conference for ASAE's blog. If you're curious, you can follow the Twitter-stream about the event.

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