Monday, September 19, 2011

Biggest Mistake My Ass--and Other Facebook News

I know I already blogged about this, but I couldn't help but smart when I saw this headline about the Biggest Facebook posting mistake you can make. (With all due respect to Brian Carter, who I know and like, and who happens to be super smart in all things Facebook...but I remain unconvinced about the travesty that allegedly is posting to Facebook from anything other than Facebook.) While I get that yes, if your Facebook posting strategy begins and ends with connecting your Twitter account to your Facebook page and autoposting Tweets to the page as your only updates, you will not have much success on Facebook, there are ways to "autopost" to Facebook that will not result in the world ending or your page's engagement value plummeting. Especially if you are using a third party app that allows you to format the way your link appears on Facebook and include an image. And as for the idea that you'll get maximum interaction posting from the crap Facebook mobile app...well good luck with that. Currently, despite the recent Facebook iPhone app upgrade, I can't even get the page I manage to SHOW UP--forget posting to it.

Speaking of Facebook, though, the past few weeks have brought a flurry of crazy Facebook changes. In case you haven't noticed, here are some of the recent "upgrades":
  • Subscriptions--I honestly don't really get this subscribe feature so I'll just let you read about it on Facebook's blog and try to make sense of it. Basically it's a way to let people read/see what you post without having to let them friend you. Whatever. Oh and they also rolled out a handy suggestion feature--reminiscent of Twitter's "who to follow" feature. Hm, it's almost like they're trying to copy Twitter...more on that to come.
  • Privacy changes--honestly, I can't keep up with Facebook's crazy ongoing privacy changes so I didn't even try to understand this latest batch. I'm sure in there somewhere is at least one loophole which benefits Facebook more than it does users, as is always the case with their privacy "upgrades."
  • No more updates to group members--If you chose a Facebook group over a page because you wanted to be able to send members updates, you have about another week and half to enjoy that feature; as of September 30, Facebook will be disabling it.
  • Facebook/Twitter integration is apparently coming. So much for Facebook's historical hatred of Twitter and subsequent blocking of Twitter features; in the wake of Google+'s increasing popularity, Facebook has decided that Google+, not Twitter, is the enemy, and they're suddenly buddy-buddy with Twitter.
Did I miss anything? 

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