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Movie Recap 2011

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 (I originally posted this on my other blog but am reposting here)

It's that time of year again...time for my movie recap. In case you don't know this about me, I'm obsessed with going to movies. Not watching movies at home--too many distractions. But going to the movie theater. In 2008 I saw 50 movies. In 2009, I saw 53. Last year I made it to 57. So my number to beat this year was 57. Did I make it?

Of course I did! This year's total? 64 movies. Gulp. Next year is going to be a bitch having to top that.

Let me just preface this by saying that if you didn't go to a lot of movies in 2011, you really didn't miss much. It was a pretty crap year as far as movies go, especially the second half of the year.
Ok, so here we go. In case you haven't read my previous year's movie recap posts, this is my rating system: sucked, rocked or meh, followed by best and worst movies of 2011.
  1. The Rite-- rocked
  2. True Grit--rocked(ish)
  3. No Strings Attached--cute and better than meh, but can't really say rocked
  4. The Company Men--rocked is a bit strong, but I did like it
  5. Country Strong--sorry but this movie rocked. Have seen it three times.  
  6. Just Go With It--rocked(ish)
  7. The Mechanic--rocked. I mean, of course Jason Statham rocks.
  8. The Eagle--rocked(ish)
  9. Unknown--actually Rocked, with a capital R.
  10. Battle:Los Angeles--action parts rocked, and if you like loud movies, you'll like it.
  11. Insidious--ROCKED--if you like scary, this is a must-see.
  12. Limitless--Rocked--I love this movie, although it starts great and kind of peters out.
  13. Soul Surfer--Better(ish) than meh, sort of. Cute for teens/tweens.
  14. Hanna--Sorry but this looked like it was going to be great but in reality SUCKED.
  15. Scream 4--Ok, yes I saw this and of course we all know it SUCKED.
  16. Prom--Utterly forgettable so I'm going to go with cute for teens. Yes, I have one, which is why I saw it.
  17. Thor--Meh plus.
  18. Bridesmaids--HILARIOUS. ROCKED.
  19. Hangover 2--Meh plus. Nowhere as near as good as the first, but some funny parts.
  20. X-Men--I want to say "ok" but that's not a rating, and meh is a little low, so I'll go with rocked(ish)
  21. Pirates of the Caribbean 3--the mermaids ROCKED; the movie was rocked(ish). First Pirates movie I've seen, btw--I only saw it for the mermaids.
  22. Midnight in Paris--Rocked. Even my kids liked this.
  23. Super 8--rocked.
  24. Cowboys & Aliens--Meh. What did you expect?
  25. The Help--ROCKED. I was worried this wouldn't be as good as the book, but it really was.
  26. Captain America--can I just give this a sigh? Patrick (my husband) loves those Marvel movies, but I"m personally over them. This was actually pretty good, but please, 2012, no more Marvel movies, ok?
  27. Crazy, Stupid Love--Meh. Maybe I'll throw a plus on there for Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore
  28. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--I'm giving this a meh on principle--seriously, can we stop with the two part movies Hollywood?
  29. Rise of the Planet of the Apes--ROCKED. Ceasar better win an Oscar.
  30. Bad Teacher--ROCKED. Raunchy but hilarious.
  31. Friends With Benefits--Meh plus. I liked it but can't bring myself to say rocked. Cute though.
  32. Green Lantern--another sigh. And a meh.
  33. Horrible Bosses--Meh. Jennifer Anniston as sexy just does not work for me.
  34. Transformers 3--Meh.
  35. Contagion--Meh, and a big disappointment--this looked like it was going to be good.
  36. I Don't Know How She Does it--I'm going with Meh, because I can't remember one thing about this movie.
  37. Drive--fun if you like action, but meh if you are looking for a great movie.
  38. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark--SUCKED. This was just freaky and creepy and sucked. AND had Katie Holmes in it, who is meh personified.
  39. The Change Up--Rocked.
  40. Sherlock Holmes 2--Meh. Yeah, really.
  41. Young Adult--Meh plus. Was really slow, but decent if you don't mind really slow and some random details just thrown in there with no real tie-in.
  42. The Sitter--Meh, and a big disappointment--this looked like it was going to be awesome.
  43. Mission Impossible 4--ROCKED. Especially in Imax, something I'd never shelled out for before but now I'm a convert.
  44. Dream House--Meh.
  45. Jumping the Broom--rocked, if for no other reason than the house. But even my kids liked it.
  46. Paranormal Activity 3--Call me crazy, but I thought this rocked, and even saw it twice. I like scary.
  47. Twilight 3--There is not a big enough font in the world to convey how much this movie SUCKED. But I need to find out what happens so of course will have to go see the second part, which just makes me hate it worse. And no, I'm not going to read the book.
  48. Fast Five--Meh
  49. The Dilemma--Meh minus--this was another big disappointment--looked like it would be great and totally was not.
  50. The Roommate--Fun in a Single White Female kind of way, but Meh.
  51. The Ides of March--Yet another disappointment--they're getting really good at making great trailers for not great movies. Meh.
  52. Immortals--Rocked-ish for action, but as with Marvel, no more greek god movies in 2012 please.
  53. Sanctum--Meh minus. Utterly forgettable.
  54. I am Number Four--this was actually pretty good, but I can't really say it rocked. How about enthusiastic Meh plus?
  55. Hall Pass--rocked. I've seen it at least three times and would see it more.
  56. The Lincoln Lawyer--rocked--this was pretty good, but not so good that I actually remember much about it other than that I liked it.
  57. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules--I had low hopes for this movie after the first one, but this was actually pretty good. Can I just go with Good?
  58. Sucker Punch--HORRIBLE. SUCKED. But the girl was super cute.
  59. One Day--Long, drawn out....Meh.
  60. Moneyball--not as great as I thought it would be but still pretty good. Too long, though, and slow. But rocked. With a small r.
  61. What's Your Number?--Cute and funny--but I don't know if I'd say rocked. But better than meh.
  62. Jack and Jill--Sigh. Yes, I saw this, and it was bad as I thought it would be. Could be fun-ish as a rental.
  63. New Year's Eve--Cute, if predictable. Meh.
  64. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--I had high hopes for this but have to give it a solid Meh. WAYYYYY too slow. Just read the book. I haven't seen the Swedish version, but I would imagine it's better.
Ok, so worst movie of 2011? It's a close race between Sucker Punch and Twilight 3. The girl in Sucker Punch is so cute....but ultimately that movie was just BAD. So Sucker Punch.

And best movie of 2011? I have to say that I hardly want to name one because the year as a whole was so meh, movie-wise. I will give a nod to Midnight in Paris because it was Woody Allen and cute, and another to the Help, because it was pretty good, but for sheer movie enjoyment and pretty tight plot, I'm going with Unknown. Patrick said I couldn't say Mission Impossible 4 was the best movie of the year, but it was pretty awesome.

So there you have it. Here's hoping 2012 will be a better movie year.

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