Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Cool Pinterest Tools

After an initial honeymoon period with Pinterest where I used it strictly for fun, pinning pictures of English cottages, bee stuff, and all manner of cute things like Blythe dolls, tiny things, distracted there looking up those boards to link.

Anyway, after my initial honeymoon period where I used Pinterest for the sheer fun of it, of course reality came knocking and Pinterest became a work thing instead of a fun thing. Sigh. But there you have it...Pinterest is now part of my job and I barely use it personally anymore. The good news is that I'm starting to find all sorts of cool Pinterest-related resources that I can share here.

  • PinReach --Pinterest influence and analytics tool that shows cool stuff like your most popular pins with the number of times each has been repinned. 
  • Url2pin-- No images on your website? No problem! Url2pin creates a screenshot of any url, which you can then pin. 
  • Want to see if anyone is pinning your site? Just type "[url you want to check]" in your browser and voila--any/all pins of that url will be displayed.
  • Pinpuff-- Even though I think the concept of "pinfluence" is BS, I'm including this. 
  • Pinerly-- Looks like really cool third-party tool but unfortunately the only way to access it now is to get others to sign up for it, which I have not yet done, so I'm stuck on the waiting list. Regardless, the promise of being able to schedule pins sounds cool, so consider yourselves invited so I can check it out.
Huge hat tip to my friend Heidi Kay, power Pinner at PediaStaff, a pediatric therapy staffing company--I got several of these tips from her Pinterest Tips & Tricks board

I'm sure there are lots of other tools either out there or currently in-the-making--know of any I missed?

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