Sunday, February 24, 2008

SEO for nonprofits

A quick word about me, by the way, versus "real" commercial writers or actual experts. While I would love to someday be able to call myself a self-supporting freelance writer or actual expert in anything, right now I have a regular desk job and am not really an expert on anything other than internet searching. Because I have two kids and am newly and blissfully married, in addition to working full time, the time I'm willing or able to devote to my own writing is super limited. Therefore, be forewarned that a lot of what I'll be writing in this blog will consist largely of links to other, more comprehensive resources.

That said...

Don't know what search engine optimization (SEO) means? Since we're discussing it here in the context of nonprofits, this article by Deborah Elizabeth Finn, a nonprofit technology consultant, seems like a pretty comprehensive resource. If you read her article and check out the links she lists under "further reading" you'll be well on your way to becoming an expert yourself.

The Oscars are starting so I'll leave you to start clicking and learning.

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