Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Samsung Instinct Must Really Suck

About a month ago I blogged about my horrible experience with Sprint's Samsung Instinct phone. At about that same time, my blog got accepted for inclusion on Alltop, an "online magazine rack" in the form of an RSS aggregator classified by topic (mine is in the social media category).

Awesome--I thought--finally I might actually get some traffic to this blog. And--voila--I did. Overnight, and ever since, my traffic has increased like 350%. In the interest of full disclosure, that means that I went from roughly 5 or fewer (ok, probably fewer) readers to an average of about 20. But pretend I didn't just reveal that and be impressed with the 350% figure (but don't correct me if the math is wrong; just let me revel in my imaginary rise to glory).

Naturally that huge surge in traffic was a result of the link to my blog being included on Alltop, right? After all, to say Alltop gets a lot more traffic than this blog is such a gross understatement as to not even be worthy of typing. But you know what I mean--a link to my blog on a (in my opinion, at least) somewhat popular website means all those people will click on it, right?

The answer: sadly, no. I believe I've had a total of 10 visits referred from Alltop. However, referrals from Google searches for "Sprint Instinct sucks" or some variant of that? Bingo: 67 visits. E.g. at least 75% of all traffic to this blog since that post has resulted from people Googling "Instinct sucks."

Therefore, this post serves two purposes:

  1. Case study of traffic increase (or not) as a result of link on high-traffic website

  2. More fodder for people searching for "Instinct sucks."

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