Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does A Social Media Job = Career Suicide?

Geez, talk about a downer of a blog post: according to Jim Durbin of Social Media Headhunter, I am in a total dead-end job. As a social media specialist, I am what he calls a "social media doer" and "A social media doer is not a position with career advancement."

He makes some very valid points--points I myself have blogged about before. And as depressing-ish as his post is (especially to current social media job holders), I admit it's sort of a refreshing change from the constant deluge of social media is the second coming stuff we read about all the time.

What do you think--is he right and I and others like me--social media doers--are ultimately going to be SOL for having chosen this career path? And, also-- do you think it's kind of counterintuitive that a social media recruiter is blogging about how you don't actually want the kind of job he can help you get?

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