Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wait, Who's the Idiot?

Is it just me or is this rant by a stodgy old-guard communicator absolutely scary, crazy and hilarious--all at the same time? Or is it just crazy and/or scary?

In case you don't feel like clicking over to that post, I'll sum it up for you: a "a 20-year communications professional" is raging on "idiotic" companies who are using social media "to do something. I’m not sure what. On the face of it—to waste time, resources and budget." What the hell are companies like Coke and Ford thinking giving their employees "free and uncontrolled access to the media"? Every dinosaur--I mean, veteran--communicator knows that "you simply do not allow employees free rein. You don’t; that’s accepted."

Ok, if you didn't click over to read his diatribe yet you really need to--if for no other reason than so you don't miss his compelling conclusion: that he hopes that "there’s someone in both organizations (Ford and Coke) who remembers what the real role of a corporate communicator is and who is powerful enough to perform it."

Here's what I hope: that this guy's boss reads his rant and puts him out to pasture.

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